Benefits of the Les Schwab Coupons

When you use your Les Schwab Coupon, you will be amazed to find out that you are getting much more than a set of tires. This tire center has tons of other services that they provide as well. You, the customer, will be able to join the thousands of other satisfied customers who have enjoyed these services. You see, Les Schwab Tire Centers believe that customers come first both in safety and services provided. Les Schwab has a rich history of honesty and integrity. Les started one of the largest chain of Tire Centers in America and customers can benefit greatly from the coupons.

Coming from meager and unassuming beginnings, Les Schwab was instilled from early childhood with old fashioned, small town core values. His parents taught him that people are valuable, not just numbers walking in the door. This is why the tire service that Les Schwab began is among the most respected in the country.
Les Schwab coupon - Tires Rims
In 1952, Les Schwab bought the OK Rubber Welders franchise building. He was only 34, his wife pregnant with their second child, his son was only 11 yrs. old. Les Schwab was a “tire novice” having never even changed a flat tire. Such was the simple beginning of Les Schwab Tire Centers. He borrowed from his parents, borrowed against his life insurance and invested what savings he had to start this small town business. This first center consisted of a small building which only boasted one employee, and didn’t even have running water or a bathroom.

Nobody has ever been able to copy the warmth and friendly attitude of the Les Schwab employees towards their customers. Plenty have tried, but none have even come close. The Les Schwab coupons gives the customer access to true honesty and integrity. This is one of the reasons that when you go to Les Schwab Tire Centers and get your brakes checked, it is always free and brings back the true American way of doing business. Some places say that there brake checks are free but then they always find some way of getting the customer to pay for work that isn’t necessarily needed. Not so at Les Schwab Tire Centers. The employees explain to the customer step by step what they are doing and why.

The Les Schwab coupon brings back memories of a much simpler and more honest time in American history. A time when the majority of companies believed in honesty with customers and hard work to help people was the norm. These are the same business values that made Coca-Cola the soda giant that it became. Some may say that Les Schwab is a throwback but this should be taken as a compliment. Too many business do outsourcing these days, cutting the American work force. Not so with Les Schwab and we could use more “throwbacks” like this.

Les Schwab Tire Centers do one other totally unique thing in the business world. If you go on Fridays to get your tires worked on or replaced, you get free beef! Enjoy the rewards of using your Les Schwab coupon.

Winter is coming, the below Les schwab’s video tip on how to use and step by step to put on the tire chains, it is easier than you think. Watch the video now and drive safely this winter season.

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